The theological significance of the Isaiah citation in Mk 4v12
Contributing towards Theologies of the LXX The Use of the Terms θεός and κύριος in 1 and 2 Maccabees
Towards a better first-century understanding of the term "Kyrios": Contributions from Philo and Paul
1 Corinthians 14v21: Paul's reflection on γλωσσα
LXX Esther: More 'God' Less 'Theology'
The Schechina Concept(s) in Acts: The formation potential of Old Testament citations
A critical investigation of Romans 4:3 - Its determinative value for Justice and Rigtheousness
'God' Concepts at Kirbet Qumran
An attempt to liberate the womb from divine overburdening – In conversation with Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5–45)
Overburdening Jesus with divinity causes theological limitations: Matthew 4:1-11 as test case
The Θεος and Κυριος in the Isaiah text and their impact on the New Testament
Problematising the divinity of Jesus: Why Jesus is not Θεος
The New Testament κύριος problem and how the Old Testament speeches can help solve it
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